Ryan Smith


Digital Design / UI / Brand.


London, UK.

Work Preference


I’m a visual designer with over 8 years' experience focusing on UI, branding and product design. Working across a range of different areas has helped define my practice, from advertising and art institutions to startups and running my own studio. Spanning my expertise across these areas has given me a wide perspective on design and strategy, providing the best brand and user experiences through digital. I’ve worked with some incredible brands and studios like Youtube, Goldman Sachs, Ebay, Ragged Edge and Winkreative.

What type of projects excites you the most?

From working with bigger agencies to working independently, I love watching a story around a new product/brand build. It could be a new record label like Outer South, a music collective based out of Johannesburg and London. I also find it increasingly important to understand the impact work has on society. Another project that means a lot to me was working with a social enterprise which culminated of a lot of user research, product design and branding for a social value platform. Seeing the direct affect they’re having on cities across the UK is so rewarding.

What inspires you, gets your creative juices going?

A client willing to take risks. Approaching stuff from the more extreme end and pulling back if needed. I’ve always found these are the best projects to work with.

What makes your work standout?

I believe brand is at an interesting point where it is becoming increasingly more important for digital presence. How do we communicate the brand through web experiences with product knowledge? UI/Product is now really starting to integrate with branding in a more contemporary and exciting way. I help bridge the gap between brand and product.

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