Mark O'Donoghue


Digital Design / UI / Brand.


London, UK.

Work Preference


I’m a Senior Designer in London who loves cycling, fashion, cats and designing beautiful UI experiences. I have agency and in-house experience, working closely with teams in UX, strategy, development and marketing. I always strive to design experiences that push boundaries and love collaborating with others. You might find me in lycra from time to time.

What type of projects excites you the most?

I love designing experiences that push the boundaries of what to expect from the end human interacting with it. Projects that have the scope to shift the standards into something new and exciting, really do it for me. If there was a dream project, I think it would have to be cycling related... surprise surprise!

What inspires you, gets your creative juices going?

My inspiration comes from many different places. I really like kinetic typography, image manipulation with photography, architecture, fashion. I think those interests I have really help fuel my creativity, plus it always helps seeing some really cool digital trends out there.

What makes your work standout?

I think I have a particular look, using bold Black and White, with some punchy colours. I guess the aesthetic is clean and considered but focusing on the interaction experience, rich content and functionality. I do love a bit of interaction animation.

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