Kevin Johnston


Product Design / UX/UI / Brand.


London, UK.

Work Preference


I am a hands on Product Design Director with a passion for designing products and experiences that solve problems. I am a big advocate for design craft and believe that it can make the difference between a good and a great product. I have worked in a variety of environments from design studios to tech startups. This has given me the opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects for national and international brands.

What type of projects excites you the most?

One of the things I love about design is its ability to solve problems big or small. I love projects that are driven by a desire to make things better. These problems could vary from macro problems aimed at addressing a much bigger problem right down to small, granular problems that simply look to improve a users day to day. Having operated at both ends of this scale I find them equally satisfying.

What inspires you, gets your creative juices going?

Craft x Narrative. I have a borderline obsession with craft. I love the attention to detail. The subtleties. The little things. In many cases some of these elements are considered frivolous or near invisible but I think these details often raise design to the next level. If successfully combined with a compelling product and brand this can create a meaningful experience which creates value for the users.

What makes your work standout?

My flexibility and my craft. Over my time so far I have worked on a wide range of projects in environments such as startups, design agencies and in-house. This has led to me being relatively sector agnostic and able to flex my thinking and my craft to many different projects, clients and contexts.

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