Ieva Sabuckyte


Product Design / Art Direction / Brand.


London, UK

Work Preference


I’m a Lithuanian born, Senior Product Designer with additional skills in Branding and Art Direction. I’ve got nearly 6 years of experience when providing forward-looking design solutions for digital and brand. I embrace problem-solving, simplicity, conceptual rigour, refined aesthetics and, most importantly, human-centered design.

What type of projects excites you the most?

Projects that allow me to utilise my (almost) entire package of skills. I love end-to-end Product Design projects that include some Branding and Art Direction choices as well as make me think how content and UX/UI are going to be bridged in order to create a coherent and strong digital product.

What inspires you, gets your creative juices going?

I would say almost anything. It's the work of other designers, a walk in the park, a relaxing shower, art & architecture, social media, a good book, my favourite music, conversations with fellow creatives, my other hobbies. I believe that inspiration is everywhere we go, no matter what we do and it's totally up to us how much of it we absorb and then distill into our own creative outputs.

What makes your work standout?

I think that I have my own personal design style and aesthetic, and I try to visually translate it whenever I have the opportunity to do so. But I'm most proud of my versatile package of design skills and as mentioned already, I tend to design digital products that look beyond the UX/UI/wireframe and work in relation to content (be it photography, copywriting or something else)!

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