Angelica Yiacoupis


UI Design.


London, UK.

Work Preference


As a UI designer, I've had the opportunity to collaborate with top agencies like Koto, Bureau for Visual Affairs, and Pentagram. My expertise lies in applying brands to websites and apps, where I consistently strive to create cohesive and impactful digital experiences. I take pride in pushing the boundaries of design concepts, constantly seeking innovative solutions that captivate and engage users. With each project, I aim to break new ground to deliver visually stunning interfaces that leave a lasting impression.

What type of projects excites you the most?

I thrive on projects that provide ample room for creative expression and minimal restrictions. Regardless of the client or sector, what truly excites me is the opportunity to collaborate with exceptional and meticulously crafted brands. Being able to utilize and apply these brands to the digital space is where my passion truly shines.

What inspires you, gets your creative juices going?

My main source of inspiration and the fuel for my creative process comes from immersing myself in a diverse range of design inspirations, layouts, typography and interactivity. I find great joy in exploring various styles, particularly the Swiss, minimal, and brutalist aesthetics.

What makes your work standout?

My work stands out because I don't limit my creative flow or inspiration to a single sector that relates to the one i’m designing for. I cast a wide net for inspiration, bringing a fresh and modern perspective to each project. I prioritize pushing boundaries and exploring new concepts before refining down to the details. This approach allows me to create unique and innovative designs that truly capture the essence of the brand.

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