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Helping Dentsu's Global Tech Team secure niche, complex problem-solvers, within UX.


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The Challenge

Dentsu's Global Tech Team were hiring UX & Design Talent and fast, to work across large scale, innovative products to assist client-teams across the group. Due to the global scale of their products, the challenge was finding talent who had an understanding of digital product complexity and SAAS-focused products at an enterprise-level.

What we did

We needed to dig deeper into the current hiring challenges they were facing. We organised briefings to be held with key stakeholders across their product teams to understand what was missing, what kind of culture they were looking create and as much info we could gather into the type of products they were building.

Dentsu needed designers and researchers who had worked across enterprise, SAAS products with high attention to detail portfolios that showcased their problem-solving skills and a high level of craft.

With this insight, we spent time scoping out agencies we knew of who hired this calibre along with SAAS Tech brands with in-house product design teams. We created a bespoke, outside-the-box recruitment strategy for direct headhunting.

What we delivered

In a 6 month period OPAL fast-tracked their growth targets. We had a 3:1 interview to placement ratio. We managed to secure an acceptance for every candidate offered.

We supplied:

2x UX Writers
2x Visual Designers (Design Systems)
3x Product (UX) Designers
1x Sr. UX Researcher
1x Product UX Lead

Don't just take our word for it.

We had a large number of niche UX positions and these roles were high volume and on-going, and we had been struggling to fill them. I reached out to OPAL after receiving their impressive portfolio. We have received an excellent service from Opal, who helped us fill key UX roles with their professional help. I highly recommend OPAL to anyone looking to engage the services of, and work with a true specialist agency.

Karen Parr - UX Talent Manager

Dentsu International.

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